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Maqom's Tefillin "Gift Shop" Is Now Open

Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Jewish Community Center of Houston and several rabbis who sent in tefillin they had at their synagogues, Maqom's tefillin "gift shop" is now open. As a result of Maqom's on-line study, it was resolved that people should be able to take a "test drive" of this mitzvah without paying what, at first glance, seems an exorbitant cost of a new set of tefillin. Now, we can just give them to you.

One thing should be made quite clear: these tefillin are old and I have not checked them for kashrut…on purpose. That they have been saved all these years and are now as if awakened from the dead gives them-and you-a tremendous spiritual gift beyond the issue of kashrut. The broken tablets were kept in the ark with the whole ones. We don't throw out people when they get old, scratched or worn down. Let these tefillin remind you that no matter what brokenness you have experienced in your life, you have great worth.

If you have some tefillin that are not being used, please consider making them part of this collection so that they can fulfill the mitzvah for which they were made.

We now have available the texts inside the tefillin without their housings. If you would like these to use them as teaching aids or to put them into alternative technologies as tefillin, please email us with your snail mail address.

Tefillin Associates

David R.E. Aladjem
Rabbi Jeffrey R. Astrachan
Dr. Karen Barad
Robin Berman
Meira Chmiel
Rabbi Eli Cohen
Jan R. Courte
Evan Daigneault
Deobra Difronzo
Doris M. Edut
Andrea Foster, Ph.D.
Johnny L. Gay
CB Goldstein
Dr. Lisa S. Goldstein
Judith Golleman (1)
Judith Goleman (2)
Jon Gottsegen
Judith Lazarus
Simcha Levit
Tom Lewis
Edward Little
Judith Lyons
Jon R. Metter
Lawson Metz
Dr. Kathlene Mondanaro
Sylvia Brown Olivetti
Susan Pindak
R. Tzipi Radonsky
Rhonda Shapiro Rieser
Robert David Schreiber
Pamela Sherman
Sandra Steinbauer
Andrew Sterman
Karin N. Susskind
Barbara Thiede
Myra Tuckerman
Shimon de Valencia
How To Put On Tefillin

This video was produced at the Western Wall in 2010. Note that the visitor is left-handed and, therefore, has the tefillin placed on his right hand, which is his weaker hand.

If you are right handed, wrap the tefillin on the left hand.

To replay the video, refresh the webpage.